Metal and fiber fan

Metal and fiberglass fans for poultry and pig houses

Roxell has a wide range of metal and fiberglass fans available. Roxell metal fans are a cost-efficient solution for poultry houses. Our fiberglass fans are recommended for pig houses, where the air composition is different because of the specific properties of pig manure. A fiberglass fan keeps corrosion at bay.

If you are looking for an air supply, extraction, or circulation system, Roxell has a solution for every type of house, whatever the dimensions and layout.

High-capacity ventilation that keeps energy consumption under control

Features of Roxell fans

High capacity, high performance

Bi-Flow doors

with two doors, the Bi-Flow system automatically opens and closes your fan discharge, improving performance. The ventilation system pushes the doors open when extracting the air, allowing the air out in one go. Special springs then pull the doors closed again. Perimeter seals minimizing air leakage. 

Slat closure

louvers are economical and easy to replace. Roxell slats are corrosion-resistant and make maintenance simple, thanks to their smooth structure.

Energy efficiency and better air flow

Galvanized or fiberglass fans

metal fans are best suited to poultry houses, whereas pig houses lend themselves better to fiberglass fans due to the different air quality. By investing in a one-piece fiberglass cone, you benefit from a 14% better air flow.

Energy savings

keep energy bills under control thanks to an automatic belt tensioning system, which maintains the fan speed for optimal ventilation.


Discover our ventilation range for houses

Roxell offers the following total ventilation solutions for poultry and pig houses: 

Roxell fans

from 14 to 54 inches (36 to 137 cm)

Evaporative cooling system

cools the air by evaporating water. Easy to install in practically any type of house


for smooth maneuvering and tilting of vertical frames (curtains), inlets and tunnel doors

Air inlet valves

 robust, galvanized steel constructions

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