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And it's kind of like the chicken or the egg

Here at Roxell, we're really good at coming up with solutions for automated feeding and drinking systems for poultry and pigs. We're known all over the world, from Maldegem to Malaysia. We're a top company and we have a top team. We'll never know which came first, rather like the chicken or the egg. But one thing we're sure of: We are people driven. 


Strong values for a strong company

We and our staff ensure that every day, our systems allow thousands of chickens on farms to feed freely. And to be able to offer solutions to complex issues, certain strong values are indispensable. 

Good work-life balance
I have an international job. That has allowed me to travel extensively, learn a lot and work with people from all over the world, all of whom have their own culture. And my work-life balance is good. I have a lot of freedom and I'm allowed to manage my own appointments. That freedom only makes me enjoy my job even more.
Yousef Daoud

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