Job opportunities for various profiles

Are we such a strong company because there are so many job opportunities? Or are there so many job opportunities because we are such a strong company? We'll never know which came first. What we do know is that we have a huge range of positions. 


Roxell grew from a small company into a major international player with a clear vision for the future. In order to realize that vision, we are always looking for new talent for a wide range of positions in various departments and countries. 
There are many different departments and so many different jobs. In addition to various jobs in our production, there are also positions in logistics and many openings for clerical staff at Roxell. Product management, purchasing, quality, marketing, planning, support departments... These are just a few of the departments in which you can start work. 

We operate worldwide

So we have many jobs abroad or jobs which centre around international contacts. Naturally, there are career opportunities within Roxell.  

So is it the wide variety of jobs which makes us a strong company? Or do we have such a wide variety of jobs because we are a strong company? Here at Roxell, we are always open to new talent. Just graduated or been employed for some time? Don't hesitate to check out whether one of our jobs is right for you.

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My job is producing augers. Accuracy and high quality are really important, because once the equipment has been installed in the poultry or pig house, the farmer has to be able to rely 100% on that material. I particularly like going along on farm visits. That's when you see the product you make in action and it's very informative.
Kurt - Adjuster Operator Auger Machine