Intelligro® controller

Intelligro controller for total control over your poultry house

Intelligro® controller is Roxell’s operating system and software for poultry houses. Using a control panel and your PC, you can manage the ventilation, heating, and cooling process. From opening and closing the air inlets, to setting an alert should something ever go awry. The controller allows the systems that regulate the house climate to work together seamlessly, so healthy air is guaranteed. 

Create a comfortable climate in your house, and manage your feeding and drinking process

But the controller does much more for your poultry houses. With Intelligro, you can automate your feeding process. Monitor water usage and see whether your chickens are drinking enough or whether there is a water leak. Intelligro gathers data for you, which you can then analyze and use to make adjustments accordingly. With Intelligro, you can make informed decisions.

Features of the Intelligro controller


Data at a glance

House climate data

find out the relative air humidity in your poultry houses thanks to the controller. Check the readings from the individual temperature sensors. Discover how well the heating systems are performing overall.

Helps you to manage your animals

the Intelligro controller collects data on males and females separately. You will know how much feed and water is being used each day and what feeding times have been scheduled. Intelligro provides an overview and allows you to make adjustments to ensure an optimal growth process.

House management software

Makes your job as a poultry farmer easier

view the data that Intelligro collects on your PC. Monitor different houses from a single point. Adjust the settings using Roxell software. Set targets or goals. Compare historical data to help you decide what action to take and improve performance. 

User-friendly control panel

Convenient screen and simple buttons

the control panel is easy to use. It offers a practical screen, so you have all the information you need in a single view. No need to scroll up and down anymore. Use the buttons on the device to navigate easily between different settings and make changes.  

Pair with accessories

with Intelligro, you can easily integrate a weighing scales for poultry. Connect up other accessories such as an air velocity meter and feed weigher. 

Want to find out more about the Intelligro controller? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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