Serviagro is a Chilean distributor to dairy, pig and salmon farms

29 October 2021

You can find Roxell systems at poultry and pig farms in all four corners of the globe, including Latin America. In Chile, we have a new distributor, Serviagro SpA, that thinks outside of the box with our systems. They are able to easily install our feed storage and transport systems at dairy and salmon farms. The Chilean company tackles these projects with expertise and professionalism. Reason enough for Roxell to appoint Serviagro as the official distributor for Southern Chile.


Focus on Southern Chile

Chile is one of the highest consumers and exporters of poultry and pork in Latin America. Up to 60 % of pork is destined for export. However, in the south of this long, thin country, the activity of the average farm looks a little different. They focus on dairy and salmon production. The southern region has been Serviagro’s terrain for years. 

Proponent of and expert on Multifast batch feeding system

Luis Quezada (CEO) has sold and installed Roxell systems for three years from the city of Osorno. He is a proponent of and expert on our Multifast batch feeding system and proved that this system can work seamlessly at dairy farms. By joining our group of distributors, Serviagro will now offer a wider range of Roxell products:

Luis Quezada and his 12-strong team of salespersons and technicians will take care of the installation and automation of dairy, pig and salmon farms.

Read more about Luis Quezada’s approach: Dairy cow diet under control in Chile as farm mixes its own feed.

We wensen Luis en zijn team zeer veel succes!

Contact Serviagro SpA

  • Mr. Luis Quezada,
  • Los Carrera 2020, Osorno, Chile
  • T.:  +56 971370889