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HaiKoo oval feeder pan for the automated feeding of broilers

HaiKoo® is an automated pan feeding system for broilers. This feeding system is Roxell’s oval-shaped feeder pan for broilers. Oval-shaped pans are a Roxell invention. It has been proven that oval feeder pans utilize the capacity of a poultry house much more efficiently than other shapes. The chickens have more space to move around.

Feeding system that makes the most optimal use of the floor area of your house and creates space

By choosing a HaiKoo feeder pan, you therefore opt to make good use of the available space inside the house. With the Haikoo, you need fewer pans, as an oval pan provides more feeding places: 16 instead of 14. Oval pans are also less wide than round pans. The feeding line is therefore less of an obstacle for the broilers as they make their way to the drinking area.



Features of the HaiKoo feeder pan

Makes optimal use of house space

HaiKoo, the oval pan in figures
  1. the circumference of the feeder pan is 1140 mm (or 44.88”). This is 14% more than a round pan.
  2. it has 16 feeding spots. This is 2 more than the round pan. You therefore need to purchase fewer pans to feed the same number of broilers.
  3. depending on your situation, you can feed between 57 and 91 broilers with each pan. This is 14% more than a round pan.
  4. day-old chicks eat in the pan for the first 10 days.
feeding line is no obstacle

the narrow side of the oval pan makes it easier for broilers to get to the drinking line. A seemingly small detail with huge consequences. The animals’ water intake determines how much they eat. The result is therefore: more kilograms of meat

Adjusting the feed levels

feed flow, consistent and around the entire pan = 360°

every edge of the round feeder pan is always amply filled with feed. 

various possible feed settings

 are free to choose any type of feed, because you can simply adjust the feed opening of the pan to the type of feed. The feed volume is also easy to adjust.

rely on the last pan, the control pan

this separate pan with sensors ensures that the feeding line and pans are completely filled at the right time. LED lights in the control pan encourage the broilers to also eat from this last pan. The sensor that sends the signal to refill the system, therefore, always gives a prompt at the right time.

Good feed intake and no waste due to the pan’s shape

    the HaiKoo feeding system has a bottom pan that is unique for two reasons: it has a special edge that prevents feed spillage and has wings that prevent selective eating and playing with the food. 

Feeder pan suitable for diverse housing concepts 

  • the feeding system can be adapted to three weight classes: light, medium or heavy broilers. 
  • HaiKoo can also be used in houses with cage systems

Want to find out more about Haikoo, the feeder pan for broilers? Download the specifications or see our news section and our references.

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HaiKoo for heavy broilers
HaiKoo for heavy broilers holds twice the amount of feed compared with the standard HaiKoo-pan. Better access to the feed results in better growth results.
Johnny Emitt

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