A job at Roxell? Jump at your chance.

A job at Roxell? “That’s a job in a nice atmosphere in which there is always something new to learn,” says Sabri Sabbah.

Each day Sabri translates his client’s needs into performant solutions. Because that's what makes him successful as Regional Sales Manager for the Middle East. He has been with us for 12 years and shares his experience with Roxell in the video below.

A job at Roxell? “That’s a job in a company with a lot of collegiality and a good work-life balance," says Kevin Martlé.

Kevin has been with us for 11 years and he still learns something new every day, he loves the technical challenges and learned everything on the job. He shares his experience with Roxell in the video below.

A healthy work-life balance

Stuck in traffic? Not with us. With us, you work in an environment without traffic jams. And coordinating work and private life? Finding a balance can be different for each employee. At Roxell, we're aware of that and we respond to it, taking into consideration the different types of jobs. 

A job with an innovative company

You're looking for a job with an innovative company which offers the right amount of trust and acknowledgement? You've come to the right place. Because Roxell is a company in which we work on the future of automated feeding and drinking systems. And there is scope for any suggestions aimed at adding to a pleasant work environment. Through innovation, we continue to grow, assuring the stability of our jobs.  

A top team and strong team spirit

We have strong teams which collaborate on making equally strong products, and each individual is proud to be working for Roxell. That creates a family atmosphere and keeps team spirit alive. 

Personal growth in an international company

You will find exciting projects and challenging jobs at Roxell, in which people can develop personally. We operate in 165 countries, so abroad is never far away. If you'd like to develop personally by working abroad, it's certainly an option for some positions.