Career opportunities

Training? There are training sessions not only for our distributors, but also for our staff. And they start immediately. A clerical worker beginning at Roxell first gets to know our various departments and then receives job-oriented training. Our manual workers receive training in working safely in a production environment. New areas of work are taught in a structured way, on the job.


A job at Roxell? “That’s a job in an international and innovative company with a lot of career opportunities,” says Inge Van Daele.

Inge recently started at Roxell as a Product Manager for our broiler breeder segment. One of the reasons which also made her choose for Roxell is the great family atmosphere.

Thorough knowledge of the products - that's our key to success. Not only for us, but also for you. That's why we focus on product and process training. A job which is varied and challenging? That’s what our internal career opportunities offer. So do career opportunities make top employees of our people? Or do top employees see continued career opportunities? We'll never know which came first, but at Roxell, we have both.  

As a team leader, it's my job to teach my colleagues new skills. You get good training in the beginning and after a while, we give you the freedom to find your own way of working. The most satisfying thing for me is seeing someone doing their job full of self-confidence. Then I've done my work well.
Sophie - Teamleader Welding & Assembly