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• The Shen-Glow® brooder features a unique inner burn chamber with an insulated inner cone to provide an inner reflective surface and a specially designed emitter screen that envelops the inner cone to produce a highly efficient combustion process and significant infrared radiation.

• This large infrared brooder heats an average of 74.3 to 92.9 square meters (800 to 1000 square feet) and deliver 11.72 KwH / 12.31 KwH (40 000 BTU’s / 42 000 BTU’s) of infrared heat.


Superior performance, efficiency and flexibility

• Industry leading heat conversion of fuel consumed provides more even heat, where you want it.

• Choose either whole house heating from traditional space heaters to specific and adjustable heating of IR brooders or our high performance “Quadrangular” heating from the famous Quad-Glow heating system.  


Rugged and reliable

• All Roxell heaters are made from heavy gauge stainless steel, galvanized steel and aluminum, providing many years of superior service in agricultural conditions.

• Only the best components are utilized for gas control, ignition and operation providing reliable performance, as designed, in every product we make. 


Straightforward design and easy to maintain

• Simplicity is built into every product with the user in mind, like fewer fasteners and components to give you less headaches.  

• Open design that makes it easy to perform inspection or maintenance.


Multiple options for mounting, controls and fuel ignition

• Permanent mounting, single point mounting, winchable mounting are all methods available for installing your Roxell heaters.

• Multiple control systems including; pilot ignition, hot surface ignition, electronic direct spark ignition, electric zone control valves, low and high pressure valves, thermostatic controls, or sensor controls are some of the many methods of specifically tailoring your new Roxell heater to your exact need, giving you the best performance available anywhere.