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Quad-Glow 100


• Innovative design
• Enhanced Quadrangular heat pattern
• Important Fuel Savings
• High efficiency

Innovative design
The Question that needs answered for any heating system is: “How quickly can you satisfy the temperature requirement at or near the floor surrounding the feeding  and drinking lines, with as much surface area as possible?” All heating systems satisfy this requirement, it’s just how
much time and fuel do you consume in accomplishing this. The Quad-Glow 80 has set the standard for many years in being the very best at attaining this goal, but this is about to change dramatically with the introduction of the new Quad-Glow 100 from Roxell. The Quad-Glow 100 is patent pending.

Improved efficiency
The Roxell, Quad-Glow 100 is able to heat a larger floor area from 50°F to 90°F in 13 minutes or less, faster than anything else. Compared to the already industry leading Quad-Glow 80, the Quad-Glow 100 can attain this floor temperature some 6 times faster. This translates to less operation time for your heaters and lower fuel consumption.

Enhanced Quadrangular heat pattern
Further, the attained floor heat pattern of the Quad-Glow 100 is larger in size and deeper in penetration to give you more useable floor space that will retain the heat longer than anything else on the market.

Important savings

All of this relates to increased savings, better bird performance, and increased productivity, a winning combination that cannot be equaled. Roxell has done it again with the Quad-Glow 100 and continues to lead the industry with
superior products that give the livestock grower cutting edge performance and profitability. This actual farm data conveys this dramatic performance and productivity….