Pan feeding system for pullets

Maximum use of your floor space
  • Each pan has a total feeding border of 1160 mm.
  • Poolaï TM serves up to 51 birds per pan (up to 71 birds per meter feeding system).
  • The feeder tubes can be used as perch while an anti-roost profile prevents the birds from soiling the pans.
Excellent start of your day-olds
  • The low pan edge allows a smooth access to the feed.
  • The 360° flooding keeps the Poolaï TM-pans full of feed.
  • The large feed surface offers optimal eating comfort.
  • The feed slots in the cone attract the birds.
Optimal uniformity
  • Poolaï TM distributes the feed evenly in all pans.
  • Pan locks on the tubes prevent the pans from swinging.
  • The special wings on the cone stop the pullets from grubbing in the feed.
Excellent control on the feed cost
  • The unique and patented Poolaï TM pan with a high feed saver rim excludes practically all feed waste from the first day onwards.
  • A handy adjustment ring allows a precise setting of the feed level.
  • The incorporated feed trough in the bottom and the pan lock make sure that the feed remains in the central part of the pan.