CoMeo™ is the first open feeder of Roxell. By removing the grill the birds have an easier access to the feed from the first day till the end of the flock.

Excellent start

  • The low height (60 mm – 2.36 in.) and open design of the pan ensure an excellent start-up. After a few days birds already line up around the pan to eat.
  • 360° flooding keeps the CoMeo™-pan full of feed.
  • The chicks stay out of the pan from day 2. This way no manure accumulates in the pan. It also prevents the birds from scratching and spilling the feed.
  • The shape of the new broiler pan prevents broilers from sleeping on the feed, so that all birds have full access to the feed at all times.  

Excellent performance

CoMeo™ minimizes feed waste and maximizes feed intake, which results in an outstanding performance of each flock and an excellent Feed Conversion Rate.


Suitable for slatted floor and cages

CoMeo™ can be used on slatted floor and in broiler cages.

  • The optimal pan height creates a perfect balance between access to the feed, available feed amount and minimum feed waste.
  • Flat top support for higher winching in cages.

Unique patented cleaning feature

CoMeo™ has a unique patented cleaning feature. The innovative design enables more thorough cleaning.

Due to the patented cleaning system all components are free for cleaning: from the inside of the cone to the pan. The opening in the feed line is closed so that water can’t enter the feed line.


Control pan with switch or sensor

CoMeo™ provides an adjustable feed content of the control pan.