Trough feeding system for broiler breeders

High and uniform hatching rate!
  • Fast delivery of a precise and even feed ration all over the circuits.
  • Birds cannot eat during feed transport. All hens get equal chances.
Flexible separate sex feeding!
  • The unique, adjustable roller tube prevents cockerels from eating together with the hens.
Important feed savings!
  • Uniquely designed troughs to exclude feed waste.
  • The auger protects feed in the trough.
Easy management!
  • Simple control panel for easy setting of the feeding time and the feed quantity.
  • Handy feed level adjustment knob. 
  • Winch for easy height adjustment of the system according to the growth of the birds.
  • Solid galvanized troughs.
  • Roller tube to avoid perching.
  • Special cleaning openings for quick, easy and efficient cleaning.
  • 10-Year-Warranty on the auger.