Wean-to-finish feeder

1 feeder from young to mature animals

This new wean-to-finish feeder meets all the requirements of the growing wean-to-finish market. Also, it is the first feeder that makes manual feeding unnecessary in a wean-to-finish concept. You will appreciate the enormous time saving.

The new feeder has 6 eating and 4 drinking places.

Special features/advantages:

  • New pan shape – allows young piglets to get close to the feeding table, without having to enter the pan.
  • Improved accessibility – makes this feeder the first in the wean-to-finish market not requiring a lot of extra labor and manual feeding at the startup.
  • Easy feed level adjustment – accommodates the need to raise the feed levels for heavier pigs.
  • Sufficient water nipples – provides all the pigs water according to their needs.
  • Adjustable water pressure – aligns the need for more water when the pigs get older.
  • Adjustable nipple height – makes the water nipples suitable for growing pigs. Blu’Hox W2F has 4 nipples and they are per 2 adjustable in height
  • Pressure regulator –  Adjusting the feed flow becomes easy when using pelleted feed or crumble. Even small piglets find it easy to move the rotor to access the feed.

Bluhox W2F render