Ideal for feed supply to livestock houses

Wide range of capacities and features

• The Flex-Auger guarantees safe transport of different kinds of feed (pellets, mash, home mixed rations, etc.).

• We offer a wide range of capacities from 500 to 10400 kg - 1100 to 22928 lbs per hour. Different diameters are available. Ideally suited to transport large quantities of feed in a fast manner.

• A unique Circulating Distribution System (CDS) for broiler cage applications.


Flex-Auger overhead

• Increase the bio-security level.

   The Flex Auger overhead keeps feed trucks away from the clean area to avoid potential transfer of infection.

• Flexible solution for all site layouts.

   No matter the height difference or siting of houses, we can transport your feed to all houses from one central point.


Durable system

• The auger has a 10-year warranty (degressive).

• UV, temperature and wear resistant Novicor (2h runtime/day) and Densicor (4h runtime/day) tubes and elbows for meal/mash/pellet feed type, high quality metal tubes and elbows for abrasive feed types.