Flexible and accurate feed management

Flexible feed management system
  • Accurate feed registration: fast overview of daily and/or total consumption per ingredient and/or per feeding place.
  • Feed management according to feed curves.
  • Complete management and control per compartment and/or per feeder.
  • Applicable per feeder for restricted as well as for ad libitum feeding.
Accurate and fast feeding process
  • Uses the shortest way between two points.
  • No feed remainders in the tubes.
  • Full outflow of the feed through the automatic outlets.
  • High capacity transport.
Environment friendly
  • Energy saving: only the part of the system that is needed is operating.
  • Reduced emission of phosphorus and nitrates.
  • Optimizes the bio-security through the central feed storage and the transport on demand.
Easy control
  • Remote control via personal computer or the internet.
  • Control panel with a practical screen for a graphical display of the system.