Pan feeding system for laying hens

Maximum use of your floor space
  • The oval shape allows each pan to serve up to 29 laying hens or 44 birds per meter of feeding length. LaïCa TM complies with the EU-standards.
  • The feeder tubes can be used as a perch while an anti-roostprofile prevents the birds from soiling the pans.
A cascade shaped pan for optimal feed intake
  • The unique step pan prevents selective pecking and forces the hens to eat all feed ingredients.
  • The special wings on the cone stop the hens from grubbing in the feed.
LaïCa TM keeps feed costs under control
  • The cascade shaped pan, the incorporated trough in the bottom and the pan lock make sure that the feed remains in the centralpart of the pan.
  • LaïCa TM has a high feed saver rim that prevents the spilling of feed.
  • A handy adjustment ring allows a precise setting of the feed level.
Multiple applications
  • LaïCa TM is ideal for floor feeding (free range or bio).
  • Also perfectly suited for the feeding of layer parent stock: 12 wide grill openings guarantee easy access to the feed, also with non-decombed cockerels and hens.
Durable, easy to clean
  • The pans can be fixed by clicking them on the grill or by means of a hinge. They are made out of durable plastic that resists all common cleansing agents and detergents.
  • The pans and the augers have a 10-year* warranty. * Digressive warranty.