Roxell community nest for broiler breeders and commercial layers

Superior comfort and animal-welfare
  • The spacious, oxygen rich nest box guarantees a maximum nest acceptance by broiler breeders as well as commercial layers.
  • The perforated AstroTurf nest pads optimize the air circulation and give the hens a natural feeling.
  • A wood protection at the nest entrance avoids leg and breast injuries.
  • A clever positioning of the slats avoids accumulation of manure at the entrance board thus keeping the hens’ feet clean.
  • The Roxell-slats are smoothly finished with rounded edges.
Bird-friendly expulsion system
  • Expulsion with movable back for broiler breeders.
  • Expulsion with movable back or tilting floor for commercial layers.
  • A light-warning on each expulsion drive unit indicates if nests are open or closed.
Careful egg handling
  • The AstroTurf nest pads prevent cracks and soiled eggs.
  • The perforations in the egg belt keep the eggs from rolling and bumping in to each other and optimize the climate in the egg channel.
  • A smooth open transition between the egg belt and the cross conveyor or collecting table avoids hair cracks and removes possible dirt, manure or feathers.
Excellent hygiene
  • The self-cleaning AstroTurf pads guarantee a clean nest environment.
  • All nest parts are easily accessible for cleaning with high water pressure.
  • The easy disassembly and build-up of the nest allow thorough exceptional disinfection between two flocks.
Labor saving, solid and durable
  • Easy full inspection through the simultaneous automatic or manual opening of the nest fronts.
  • The wide roof lid and open nest structure allow optimal control and maintenance.
  • A strong hot dip galvanized frame with “click”-system guarantees a fast assembly.
  • Koozii™ is made from film-coated and waterproof plywood, durable plastics and galvanized steel.