Unique pan feeding system for broiler breeders


Optimal use of your floor space

  • The unique oval* shaped pan, offers up to 16 feeding places, which allows you to place up to 60 animals per 3 meter feeding length.
    (*) Patented
Excellent uniformity in feed distribution
  • The high capacity auger fills all pans throughout the house simultaneously with equal portions.
  • A special insert on the tubes prevents the pan from swinging, thus keeping the feed central in the pan.
  • The KiXoo ®-concept, with its unique inner and outer pan, prevents feed waste. The outer pan catches the feed from the inner pan.
Separate feeding for hens and cockerels
  • The inside grill* is adjustable in height and width. This prevents cockerels, regardless of their age or breed, from eating with the hens. (*) Patented
  • Handy adjuster knob to set the width of the grill opening quickly and precisely (per mm, between 40 and 50 mm), according to the age of the cockerels.
Durable, 10-year guarantee * on the complete pan. (*) Degressive
  • The pan parts are of durable UV-stabilized plastics, which resistall commonly used cleansing agents and detergents.
Easy management
  • An adaptable inner grill to obtain an optimal pan depth.
  • The adjustment ring allows an optimal regulation of the feed level in the inner pan.
  • A shut-off slide to apply partial rearing.
  • A reliable control unit with sensor.
  • A solid hinge allows easy, thorough cleaning.
  • You can use KiXoo ® from the first day onwards! Special feed windows automatically provide a high feed level during the start. The grill set in its lowest position provides a low pan for easy access to the feed.