Reliable and accurate feed management

Mechanical batch weighing
  • Capacity up to 6,5 or 13 tons (s.w. 0,65 kg/cm³).
  • A 360° adaptable transition hopper.
  • Excellent feed flow.
Screeners for excellent feed composition
  • Reliable feed screeners remove particles larger than 9 x 20 mm from the feed.
  • Manual control slide, easy to calibrate.
  • Easy cleaning and inspection, dust tight sealing.
Electronic batch weighing
  • Capacity of 9 tons/hour.
  • Easy calibration for accurate and secure weighing
  • Batches from 7 to 35 kg (s.w. 0,65 kg/cm³).
  • A 360° adaptable transition hopper.
  • A dust tight construction to prevent access from rodents to the weighing unit.
  • A smooth and complete out-flow of the feed.
  • Highly reliable load cells.
  • Precision load cells for accurate weighing with little or no influence of temperature fluctuations or wind force.
Bin weighing
  • High registration capacity to monitor the feed consumption and /or silo content.
  • For ROXELL ® bins as well as for platforms.
Day bin weighing
  • A total weighing solution for broiler breeders.
  • Capacities from 1 – 5 tons (s.w. 0,65 kg/cm³).
  • Ideal solution for a high bio security at the farm.
Controller types
  • RKC: for all segments from two houses onwards.
  • RBC: for broilers and layers.
  • RBC+: for broiler breeders.
  • RDC: for day bin weighing.
  • RSC and RSC+: for storage bin weighing.