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A visit to van Stam-Hendriks poultry farm: a story of reliable partners and a passion for technology


Stolwijk is a village in the province of Zuid-Holland. When you think of Stolwijk, you think of cheese. Stolwijk has always been an agricultural community.

The van Stam-Hendriks family started their own poultry business here in 1986.

On the occasion of Roxell’s 50th anniversary and the 25-year-old cooperation agreement with the Dutch Roxell distributor, Smits Agro, our editors paid a visit to the van Stam-Hendriks poultry farm, where son Wilfred enthusiastically recalled the old days.

The head of the van Stam family first came into contact with the poultry sector at the beginning of the 80s. He took medical retirement from his career as a company executive with a timber-processing company and managed a farm for five years.
“Agriculture runs in our family’s blood,” says Wilfred van Stam. The step towards starting his own poultry business was therefore a logical move.

People here were surprised at first, but my father had built up an excellent network, and so thanks to some successful cooperation agreements, we were able to achieve good technical results quickly. In those days, poultry farmers were less inclined to think in terms of cooperation. But my father had plenty of experience in that area. Together with the feed manufacturer, abattoir and other partners, he built an efficient poultry business where the focus was on efficiency.Feed accounts for 87% of our costs, so having a reliable partner for feeding systems is essential.
“That is why we engaged Smits Agro 25 years ago,” van Stam adds. Smits Agro has been a reliable supplier to the agricultural sector for almost 60 years. As exclusive Roxell importer for the Netherlands, Smits Agro supplies quality products and innovative solutions to the Dutch poultry farmers. Sound advice, flawless installation and excellent service – Smits Agro guarantees all that.

Partners John van Drunen and Rikjan Schuttevaar apply these principles at the three Smits Agro branches in the Netherlands, thus developing a long-term partnership with the local farms.
John Van Drunen himself rolled up his sleeves at van Stam and assembled the Roxell MiniMax pan feeder there 25 years ago.

Over 1,280 MiniMax pans, many metres of Flex-Augers (feed transport system), 30 Spark Nipple drink lines and 15 Roxell bins were installed at 5 stalls of 55 m by 18 m.
The company houses 114,000 broilers with an occupancy rate of 23 per square metre.

With a feed conversion rate of 1.10 – 1.15 at a corrected weight of 1500 grams, Wilfred van Stam is a happy man. “The startup of every flock runs smoothly. The MiniMax pan ensures a perfect amount of feed and the design of the feeding system reduces feed waste.”
Despite the successes achieved, Wilfred is not yet looking to expand. Monitoring all the legislation (licences, manure disposal, production rights, use of antibiotics, occupancy rates) is a barrier to growth for many poultry farmers.

”I don’t need three farms. I want to do this well by staying abreast of all the technical and genetic aspects. Now and then I experiment with the feed and management of my houses. With the 5 identical houses I can immediately compare the impact on the health of the animals and the results.”

As exclusive Roxell importer, Smits Agro follows its customer’s results closely and is proud of the long-lasting cooperation.

“Thanks to our satisfied customers, we can rely on good references in the Dutch market and together with Roxell we are building on a result-focused partnership in the Dutch poultry sector,” concludes John Van Drunen.