Roxell and Matriaves installed the new Superfrango houses

Brazil is the World’s leading exporter of chicken products. The outlook for the Brazilian poultry industry in 2016 is broadly positive. The total broiler meat production is expected to be rise by between 3 and 5 percent, driven by rising exports.

São Salvador Alimentos S/A is a meat processing company in the state of Goiás (Brazil). 

Today, the organization is one of the largest employers in the region with about 3 000 employees.

São Salvador Alimentos S/A relies on the support of more than 200 broiler chicken contract farmers to produce the Superfrango brand. Their company vision is focused on efficiency:   “Developing quality and business on a win-win basis”. To ensure this quality and the highest standards they monitor the complete production process from breeding process, to production, slaughter and packaging of the meat.

Superfrango_pan_PRESSTherefor the acquisition of new technologies is critical to support the automated production model with a goal of 320 000 birds per day. The high tech broiler chicken houses allow a modern poultry activity, with a stable production chain. The 6 production farms have 5 houses with 55 000 females and 5 775 males in each farm.

Recently São Salvador Alimentos has installed 5 new rearing farms (25 houses) for 57 000 females and 8 550 males.

The service team of Roxell and Roxell distributor Matriaves equipped the houses with the Roxell Broiler-Breeder concept.

For the rearing houses São Salvador Alimentos selected the Vitoo-pan to optimize the uniformity of the flock.

Also for the production houses the poultry producer preferred the best quality and installed the Boozzter feeder for the males, KiXoo-pan for the females and the Swii’Flo drinking systems.