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Testimonial Serge Ghillebaert

At the end of March 2014, farmer Serge Ghillebaert set up a broiler breeder farm at Steenvoorde in French Flanders, fulfilling the dream of his wife Séverine who wanted to move into farming.

Their first flock consisted of 8,500 hens and 1,000 cockerels.

The new house is 15 m by 75 m, equipped top to bottom with Roxell equipment: a central community nest (Koozii) with 2.4 m slats, two Sparkcup drinking lines, three  KiXoo pan feeding  circuits for 8,500 hens and two Boozzter pan feeding lines for 1,000 cockerels.  

Serge Ghillebaert soon became a Roxell ambassador:

"Equip Elevage, an authorised Roxell distributor, helped us find to the modern Roxell systems which give each bird ready access to the feed in the pans at the same moment, without spillage and with outstanding  results from our first flock. Peak of egg production of 90%, with an average of 80% over 14 weeks and only 1.4% floor eggs."

And that’s how Serge and Séverine’s poultry buinsess got off to a flying start.