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Roxell signs contracts with two new distributors

Local distributors in New Zealand and South Korea will sell and install systems in the livestock sector.

Agricultural products are New Zealand's main exports. The country is therefore a potential growth market for Roxell.




We are pleased to announce that the New Zealand company, JLE Holdings, is our new distributor for poultry and pig products. With this move, JLE Holdings wishes to expand its focus on the agricultural sector. Their decision to work with Roxell is part of an overall philosophy of selling and supporting quality products. Due to the company's good reputation with regard to service, and their strong professional structure, we know we can rely on JLE Holdings as a partner for quality livestock housing.

In South Korea, Sam Hwa GPS Breeding Agri. Inc. will also begin distributing Roxell systems. Our meeting with Sam Hwa in 1986 was an important milestone, as it was our first Roxell project on Asian soil. This family business in South Korea has remained a loyal customer ever since. We're now taking this collaboration a step further. The growing market has prompted us to appoint a second distributor in this country. Together with our existing distributor, JLFA company, Sam Hwa will search for new opportunities in this market.

Contact details JLE:

David O'Donnell, Sales & Service: david.odonnell@jle.co.nz
Michael Pigott, CEO: michael.pigott@jle.co.nz

JLE Holdings Ltd
154-156 Gill Street
New Plymouth 4312
New Zealand
T.: +64 (0)6 758 7394

Contact details Sam Hwa:

Mr. Ko Young Hio, Equipment Manager: koyounghio@gmail.com

Sam Hwa GPS Breeding Agri. Inc.
87-65 Sam San Nong Hyun Gil
33404 Chung Nam
South Korea
T.: +82 416412181 


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