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Large turnout of European distributors at Roxell's X'pertdays

We hold the Roxell X'pertdays three times a year. Each time, our distributors make the trip, by car or plane, to a Roxell office or a local training center. In November, our European distributors were given the opportunity to receive training at our headquarters in Maldegem (BE). There were two different programs offered.


The installers and technicians were informed about the new range of Blu'Hox feeder pans. Then, they learned about the installation of a new wean-to-finish feeder. How do you build it, and how do the adjustable drinking nipples work? The participants got to try it out for themselves. There were also information sessions regarding Densicor and control unit sensors.

The salespeople had their own tailored program. Our broiler breeder, broiler and turkey ranges are continually being developed. The Roxell product managers informed the participants of the features and benefits of the latest products. In particular, the ROI exercise for the Natural Beak Smoothing was greatly appreciated.

It was wonderful to see so many of our distributors at our training days. A big thank you to all the participants.


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