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Interest in Natural Beak Smoothing in South Korea

Roxell builds long-term relationships with its customers. Together with the South Korean Sam Hwa GPS Breeding Agri Inc we can look back on 32 years of memories.

If there are new investments on the way, new Roxell products are always at the top of their wish list.



At the start of September Sam Hwa came to Roxell in Belgium to see what is new in our range for breeders, broilers and pigs. Roxell was happy to take the time to show them.

Sam Hwa came to Roxell for general product training. They were also keen to see the live results of our Natural Beak Smoothing solution. For that reason we went to visit the breeder house of Dieter Deceuninck in Leisele. The delegation from South Korea was able to gauge their experiences and saw chickens in their breeding phase with well rounded beaks. No beak treatment as chicks, raised with Natural Beak Smoothing and, as a result, a uniform, healthy group.

"We were impressed by the results in these houses. You can see that the beak smoothing works very well in the group of young chickens. You can only see well-formed beaks", says Mr Bae Sung Hwang, Chairman.

If you want to find out more about our solution for Natural Beak Smoothing, the visit our web page and ask for more information .


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