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Roxell welcomes an additional distributor in Romania

Roxell is continuing to invest in Romania. This country in the southeast of Europe is one of the largest markets in its region. There is plenty of potential here, for three main reasons: the country’s size, its 20 million inhabitants and its EU membership. It’s also great to see that a few family businesses have grown into larger poultry organizations.


This means that there is now space for an additional distributor. The local livestock producers tell us that the proximity of the distributor is a crucial aspect for them. Up until recently, the large distances have been a hindrance. However, we now have a new distributor: DAC Zootehnic .

DAC Zootehnic is a family business based in the center of Romania. They have years of experience with pig and poultry equipment and possess the technical knowledge required to handle the installations and after-sales service. This new Romanian distributor will exclusively distribute feed, drink, nest and heating systems. This range also includes Roxell’s feed bins and weighers. You can therefore rely on our new distributor for a comprehensive package of farm systems. DAC Zootehnic will install systems for both poultry and pig houses.

Two distribution points in Romania

This means that DAC Zootehnic and SipoServ will now both sell Roxell systems. The two distributors are each responsible for a separate region. DAC Zootehnic is focused on the center and the west of Romania. SipoServ will serve the south and east.

Roxell wishes DAC Zootehnic every success in the future. Welcome to our distributor network!

Contact details DAC Zootehnic SRL:

Ciprian Gheorghe: contact@daczootehnic.com
Str. Molidului, nr 21, bl. B32 
500295 Brasov
T.: +40 (0)745 675 515


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