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PT Unigro Artha Persada New Distributor in Indonesia

The beating heart of Indonesia and one of the most densely populated islands in the world; we are talking about Java. Thanks to a growing middle class and rising purchasing power, the demand for poultry meat is increasing. An island with splendid opportunities for poultry farms.



Thanks to the increasing demand for high-quality products for house equipment, Roxell has decided to expand its dealer network further. We are happy to announce that, starting from July, PT Artha Persada is a new official distributor of Roxell solutions in Indonesia.

"We are convinced that we have a passionate partner with PT Unigro," says Yet Chez Tan, Regional Sales Manager at Roxell. "From the very start, the new distributor showed that they have a thorough technical knowledge of poultry equipment. Teddy Chandra, the owner of the company, shows a lot of passion and drive. With PT Unigro you can count on good customer service and the right local after-sales service."

Roxell is looking forward to working with Teddy and his team.


Contact details:

Teddy Chandra, owner and sales
PT Unigro Artha Persada
Rukan Taman Meruya Plaza II 
11620 Jakarta Barat 
Ph.: +62 (0)811874562

Short bio of PT Unigro Artha Persada:

Roxell distributor since 2018
Region: Indonesia
Roxell products: all Roxell products for the poultry sector

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