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Agro Plus Russia uses Roxell’s Optimax turkey pans

The North Caucasus in the southwest of Russia is famous for its poultry meat production and in particular, there is a long tradition of turkey farming. Currently, the area is home to almost 10 million people and the majority of them are Muslims. The poultry industry in that region has been developing rapidly.     

Thorough selection process of equipment suppliers

Agro Plus LLC is a relatively new enterprise for the production of turkey meat in the North Caucasus. End of 2015 the first chicks arrived in their new growing houses in Izobilny.

In order to select the right housing equipment, Agro-Plus conducted in 2015 various reference visits to turkey growing enterprises and equipment suppliers in Europe and America. The company finally decided to work with Hartmann Lebenmitteltechnik Anlagebau GmbH from Nienburg, Germany. Hartmann GmbH is specialized in poultry equipment and is Roxell’s main distributor of feeding and drinking systems for the Russian market.
Optimax, significant feed savings

In 2015 Hartmann GmbH installed Roxell’s Optimax turkey feeder pans in Agro Plus’ fattening houses. The sophisticated design of the turkey feed pans, minimizes the loss of feed. Thus expensive feed is used in the most optimal way.

Thanks to Hartmann’s modern equipment and experienced installation skills, Agro Plus LLC was able to keep production costs under control. With a production of 6.600 tons of poultry meat per year, the company is already one of the seven largest producers of turkey meat in Russia. Further expansion is planned in 2018. For the upcoming expansion, Agro Plus LLC again chose Hartman GmbH as their preferred supplier.


Short bio Hartmann Lebenmitteltechnik Anlagebau GmbH
        - Roxell distributor since 2005
        - Region: Russia
        - Roxell Products:
                   o OPTIMAX, pan feeding system for fattening medium and heavy turkeys
                   o  MULTIMAX pan feeding system for rearing turkey poults, fattening medium and heavy turkeys, and rearing and fattening ducks
                   o Flex-Auger, feed transport system
                   o Storageline, wide range of feed bins

Short bio Agro-Plus LLC
Started end 2015 with: 
        - 3 growing and 18 fattening houses
        - a hatchery and slaughter house
Expansion in 2018:
        - 3 additional houses
        - 6 additional fattening houses

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