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Roxell takes part in SIAVS, Brazilian International Poultry & Pork show

From August 29 until August 31, the Brazilian poultry and pork industry gathered in Sao Paulo. Members of all parts of the industry were present, as well as politicians, researchers and students. The event also received many international visitors, mainly from Latin America.


New Natural Beak Smoothing pans for broiler breeders

The Roxell booth focused on two innovative products. For the poultry industry, the company presented the Natural Beak Smoothing pans for broiler breeders. In order to meet specific market demands and animal welfare regulations, Roxell developed a feeding system for broiler breeders with a rough structure to smooth the beak of the birds. The rough structured bottom pan controls the beak growth in a very natural way, just while the birds are eating. This new solution guarantees a top performance of the birds in compliance with animal welfare regulations. Feed savings, better uniformity, lower mortality and less stress are the key factors in achieving a higher profitability.

Multifast, a small mixing plant for the pig industry

For the pig industry, Roxell showed its Multifast concept. A very accurate weigher/mixer, combined with a fully automated feed delivery system, allows the farmer to implement multiphase feeding on his entire farm. This leads to a better average daily gain and a better use of nutrients, resulting in lower feed costs and less manure production. Recent developments have increased the capacity of the system substantially. Multifast is positioned more and more as a small mixing plant. Homegrown or bought in feedstuffs can be mixed with premixes or minerals to create a tailor-made feed for the pigs for whom it is intended. With Multifast a better sustainability and an improved profitability, go hand in hand.   

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