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DTT in Mexico proud to offer Roxell's innovative and high-quality products

In 1995 Roxell introduced Dist. Torrelavega de Tehuacan (DTT) as their Mexican distributor for poultry equipment. Before DTT – located in Tehuacan (Puebla) – was a distributor for Novatec Pagani.

 Their first installation project for Roxell was Avicola Cotaxtla for Sedano, a major producer of broilers in those years.
“In the next 20 years we exceeded that amount continuously in big part due to a great DTT and Roxell team,” said Sigfrido Natividad, owner of DTT. “In the beginning it was not an easy task as very few poultry breeders in Mexico knew about Roxell’s existence.  We had to start by showing them the benefits the Roxell equipment would bring in comparison to others.  We did this across all of Mexico and were able to get all of the key companies in Mexico to accept Roxell products.”

The most important milestone as a Roxell distributor, was the launch of Roxell’s broiler breeder feeding systems in 2002 – Vitoo for the rearing period, and KiXoo and Boozter for the production period. “At that point we were able to enter into heavy negotiations and succeeded in receiving our first big order. After that many of the equipment replacements and investments in new projects were spearheaded by our company,” said Aquilino Natividad, sales manager at DTT. 

Mr. Natividad is proud to be able to offer the best feeding and drinking systems for broilers, breeders and layers. “Roxell develops the most innovative and best quality products in the poultry world. Thanks to the team’s dedication and efforts, we were able to significantly grow our business over the last 22 year.”

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